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Viña Lagar de Codegua is located in one of the oldest towns in Chile, dating from 1565, called Codegua.

The winery and vineyards are spread out at the foot of the Andes Mountain, at some 650 meters a.s.l. (2,100 feet) in the tranquil setting of the old Hacienda La Leonera, in the Alto Cachapoal Valley.

El Viñedo


The vineyard is planted on rocky soils that are alluvial in origin, with loamy texture and good drainage.

The zone is characterized by its Mediterranean climate that gives the valley a long, warm dry season from September through April, with rain concentrated in the winter months, and an absence of frost in the spring.


Winemaking is an art, where each bottle must be able to reflect the local climate and soil conditions.

In Lagar de Codegua, we work so that our wine is connected in some way to the earth and its people. Our greatest challenge is creating quality wines with identity and personality

El Viñedo


Lagar de Codegua’s wines are known for their style and quality, faithfully representing the Cachapoal Valley.